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مواقع وقنوات اليوتيوب المهتمة بالبرمجة

دي تجميعة مواقع وقنوات اليوتيوب المهتمة بالبرمجة هي متجددة https://www.notion.so/Bookmark-c3600f2e56db4ab195224198aade4e86

Grafana: The open observability platform

The open observability platform Grafana is the open source analytics and monitoring solution for every database Get Grafana Learn more Used by thousands of companies to monitor everything from infrastructure, applications, and power plants to beehives. What is Grafana? Download Live Demo Source: Grafana: The open observability platform

drag-and-drop RND

drag-and-drop · GitHub Topicsdragula – Browser drag-and-drop so simple it hurtsSortableJS/Sortable: Sortable — is a JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists on modern browsers and touch devices. No jQuery required. Supports Meteor, AngularJS, React, Polymer, Vue, Ember, Knockout and any CSS library, e.g. Bootstrap.atlassian/react-beautiful-dnd: Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with Reactenyo/dropzone: Dropzone … Continue reading drag-and-drop RND


Jumpstate + Redux + Create-React-App — No dispatching or action-creators required!jumpsuit/jumpstate: Jumpstate is a simple and powerful state management utility for Redux.

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